Our Why

Did you know that Atlanta ranks as the worst city for income inequality in the United States? Yes, you read that correctly: the WORST!

A new report on income inequality in the United States reports that Atlanta has the highest income gap between rich and poor than any other city, with about 18% of households in Atlanta earning $150,000 a year or more, and 9.3% of households earning less than $10,000. Yet, in October of 2017, there were 371,524 minority-owned businesses in the State of Georgia. Crazy, right?

Did you also know that business ownership is the greatest equalizer in wealth disparity? Studies have found that the gap in average wealth between all race groups decreases from a multiplier of 13 to 3 when you compare the wealth of business owners by race. Most minority-owned businesses are small businesses, with fewer than five employees. These small businesses represent more than 90 percent of all the businesses in this country. If minority-owned firms were able to employ the same number of people that all privately-held firms employ on average ( approximately 11 people versus the current 9) almost 600,000 new jobs would be created and $55 billion would be added to the U.S. economy!

This is where The Dorsey Firm’s comes in!

The Dorsey Firm seeks to close the income gap in Atlanta by helping businesses grow. When you grow, you are then able to employ members of the community. This will ultimately stimulate the local economy and close the disastrous income gap one business at a time!
— Charis Dorsey, Founder

Is starting a business confusing?

No doubt.

Is remaining in business difficult?

It can be, but, not with TDF around.

The Dorsey Firm was designed to take the guesswork out of the process of running your business. The Dorsey Firm empowers savvy and aspiring entrepreneurs, just like you, to create and build sustainable businesses.
— Charis Dorsey, Founder

The Dorsey Firm, LLC’s Primary Focus:

  • educating clients

  • Creating practical business solutions

    The Dorsey Firm makes sure that you have the resources and the know-how to make clear decisions for your business.

    After all, you’ve put in your sweat equity. The Dorsey Firm is here to see you grow and prosper. You will receive step-by-step guidance as well as affordable access to legal services.

    The Dorsey Firm believes in putting legal resources in reach of the people who need them most, which includes YOU!