Process + Pricing


Our Process

No matter what stage your business is in, TDF can help you!


Step 1: Contact The Dorsey Firm

Fill out our contact form here.

Within 3 business days of receiving your information, a member of TDF team will contact you to schedule your Check-up Call.

Get comfortable with the process and with TDF


Step 2: Get Your Free 15 Minute Check-up Call

Share your needs, priorities, goals and concerns with a TDF team member. TDF will create your personalized step-by-step action plan that details a proposed solution that fits your business needs.

Don’t worry about how to prepare, you will receive tips on preparing for your 15 minute call!

Step 3: Choose Your service

TDF recommends a level according to your 15 Minute Check-up Call. You choose based on your business needs.
It’s really that simple. TDF offers affordable plans and a la carte services that match your needs.

Learn more about pricing options and available legal services.


Step 4: Business is as Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Follow your personalized plan.

  2. Stay the course. After all, you are in control.

  3. Shift! Since business planning isn’t always linear, from time to time, your strategy might have to shift. No worries, TDF will be here to assist you if you need to adjust your plan.



Our Pricing Model

The Dorsey Firm provides clients with affordable solutions to ensure that your business has what it needs!

Quick Call

investment: $100

If you aren’t exactly ready to commit to the process of engaging an attorney but have questions that you would like to ask, a Quick Question call is perfect for you! This 30 minute call will give you an opportunity to get answers to the legal questions that you need and move forward in the right direction!

Flat Fee

One of the benefits of being passionate about this work is willingness to ensure that no business is left behind due to a lack of resources. TDF has designed a haggle-free, fee structure that provides high quality services while offering reasonable pricing.

Concierge Services

starts at $1,500

Sometimes, business owners need to make immediate decisions. When this arises, finding time to consult with our lawyers may not be feasible.

Fortunate for you, that doesn’t have to be your concern.

The Dorsey Firm has developed a solution for you: Concierge Lawyering. Concierge lawyering allows TDF to serve as your on-call trusted advisor. Through Concierge Lawyering, TDF will guide you through the process of making the right decisions for your business.

Clients pay a negotiated annual or monthly retainer fee for enhanced representation and counseling on an “on‑call” basis. TDF’s concierge approach is centered around prompt, responsive attention to your varying needs without the stress of surprise billing.

This includes providing critical guidance on business and real estate transactions, estate and property management as well as estate and succession planning.